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Clever and inspiring ideas for wrapping Christmas gifts beautifully.

The lights on the tree are twinkling, the house is decorated with festive trappings to within an inch of its life, and the only thing missing to set the scene are presents under the tree.  There is a special charm attached to the giving, and an extra delight in the receiving, of a gift that has been thoughtfully wrapped.  It doesn't need to be expensive, it may just take a little time and effort but it is so worth it!

We appreciate the creativity and flair behind the fabulous Christmas gift wrapping ideas we found on Pinterest.  We feel inspired to take our gift wrapping to new heights - maybe you will be too.


from amazinginteriordesign.com



via Mrs Joseph Wood A Moment with Mom



from splashofsomething.com



from hearthandmade.co.uk



from hearthandmade.co.uk



from thewhitecompany.com



via Ann Kenyeres



from unnouveaugard-blog.blogspot.fr






from lilsugar.com



from houseno43.blogspot.de



from justimagine-ddoc.com



from the-white-bench-blogspot.com


from ellaclaireinspired.com

And there you have it - lots of inspiration so there's no excuses.  Go wrap something beautifully!









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