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Like me I’m sure you received some wonderful gifts for Christmas – one of my presents was a stunning book on colour that is far too beautiful to hide in a bookcase. Of course I could have it out doing coffee table duty but I’m rather charmed by the idea of an eclectic mix of items anchored together by a tray. Perfect for popping on a dining table, coffee table, sofa table or as I'm doing on an entry table.

These little ‘tableaus’ are easy to effect from any number of things you might own – books, frames, candles, assorted decorative pieces like keys, old fabric stamps, ceramic flowers, printers blocks, bottles etc – I’m sure you get the gist.

Here’s the basics and as mentioned it’s simple to ring the changes according to your tastes, what you have available or your whim on any one day.

1. Source a tray – it doesn’t have to be new, in fact old second hand or ‘weathered’ trays can add a bit of character. Mine is painted French grey lightly spattered with umber coloured paint and a little bit dinged creating an aged effect. 


2. I placed that gorgeous book to one side on an angle.

3. Liking the play with colour I unearthed a box that had contained cards and placed it on top of the book. The bold black and white floral design on the top of the box also appealed and clarified my next choice of accessory.

4. Not only did I like the relationship of the colour on the magnifying glass with the box lid I also appreciated the connection of the magnifying glass with the book.

5. Some height was needed and what could be better than fresh flowers in a vase to echo the flowers on the box.

6. The silvery mercury glass finish on the vase (see a previous blog to get this effect on plain glass) led me to choose a little tealight glass with the same finish for a bit of consistency. Lighting the tealight candle inside instantly brings the tableau to life.

7. I could have stopped there or changed the tealight glass for a bigger candle like the Ecoya ones we sell, but I thought it needed just one more thing and I concluded the random small silver metal ball was just right. Totally unconnected to any of the other items and more desirable for being so miscellaneous to the other items.

And there it is – simple and effective and it can be changed up whenever you desire.


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