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Stitched and beaded to perfection Caroline Mitchell’s iconic hanging decorations are the easiest gift to post – small in size and lightweight they are just right for posting overseas and nationwide.  It’s easy to be charmed by the handmade decorations depicting birds and trees or iconic New Zealand designs - an ideal and appealing gift to send a little piece of home to family and friends overseas.

Designed with attention to detail and embellished with beads, sequins, silk or metallic threads Caroline Mitchell decorations are individually hand-stitched under fair trade conditions in India, having first been carefully designed by a New Zealand family-run business.

Every Christmas I delight in adding one new Caroline Mitchell hanging decoration to our tree – it’s a lovely way to assemble a special collection.

Start a tradition if you haven’t already – every year give a Christmas decoration to your children – when they leave home they’ll have a meaningful start to their own Christmas trees.  I love to give my daughters decorations and these are just right (it’s a good idea to keep a private list so you don’t double up down the years).

And while they are pleasing on your Christmas tree they are far too fabulous to limit to once a year. Why not hang from a door knob, place on a pin board, hang on a bottle or decanter or use to decorate a gift – let your imagination go wild!




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