Caroline Mitchell Decorations - Takahe

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With the darkest velvety blue body,  shiny metallic red legs and beak and glittering with sequins this Takahe decoration from Caroline Mitchell Collectibles  is a lovely juxtaposition of colours representing this important native bird.  

A colourful and flightless bird the Takahe is mostly found in alpine grassland habitats.  Sedentary by nature it was thought to be extinct, but happily it was rediscovered in the South Island in 1948.  At the beginning of 2013  there were 263 Takahe birds accounted for in New Zealand.

These fabulous embellished hanging decorations from Caroline Mitchell Collectibles are designed in NZ, inspired by our fauna and flora.  The decorations may feature embroidered silk or metallic threads, sequins and/or beads individually hand-stitched under fair trade conditions in India. 

Perfect on your Christmas tree, but too fabulous to only bring out once yearly.  Why not use these beautifully embellished decorations creatively – hang from a door knob, place on a pin board, hang on a bottle or decanter or use to decorate a present; you’re only limited by your imagination.

Being lightweight the decorations are perfect for posting overseas.

Please note the decorations are not a toy for children.


Dimensions:  10.5 cm wide x 11 cm high
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